Sunday, 14 November 2010

I Need Your Corset Photos

Hello there,

Just a quick note to let you know what's happening.

I'm loving corsets and learning about Internet Marketing. What a combination I hear you say!

So, what I've done is started building a website so YOU can show off

The plan is to be ranked at number 1 in for 30 kinds of corsets - see the website for those - within 3 months.

Being a brand new website, it is quite empty. I will do my best to add a few corsets on a daily basis, but my main focus will be the Internet Marketing side of things. 

You can see already where you come in. If you own a corset, and are willing, please do let me put it on the website.

Similarly, if you design, create, make or sell corsets, please feel free to send them over as well. Free advertising for you. More customers, more cabbage. And as I say, this website will have 30 or so pages high up in Google very soonly. Win - Win - Win!

My email is or there will be a contact form on the website.

Speak to you 2moro,

Loving Corsets.

PS Find me on Facebook -

PPS If you run an affiliate campaign to allow me to promote your corset, also please do get in touch.

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